Teen Wolf Cast at San Diego Comic Con 2010 - 2014

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“Don’t never think that you haven’t got anything to learn.”

“Don’t never think that you haven’t got anything to learn.”

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I don’t need you but I want you

I don’t mean to but I love you

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tonight’s edition of unfriendly black hotties. 

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Love is a powerful thing. That person runs through your mind constantly and you cannot help it. I want to get rid of this love but I can’t. Nothing will ever come from it and I have stopped thinking positively about the situation. I just choose to not bring it up, to ignore it to the best of my abilities but I will always admit that there is love. I won’t be mean or pessimistic. The love is always with me and I wish you nothing but the best but I also know who you are so stop putting on for everyone and be honest with yourself. This is nothing and your trying to make it really real. One does not change in a week so be honest and stop faking for the social networks because I see right through it. But I’m gonna be quiet…only time will tell what happens in the future.

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